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Get to know the amazing people behind B.A.M. We’ve built outstanding relationships with our customers, as we are always focused on providing exceptional service. Behind every successful business, there’s a group of talented people, committed to success. 

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Mariah Bailey, CEO

Since as long as I can remember, I've always been intrigued by systematic intelligence, equality and diversity, investigative processes and mental health wellness. Right out of High School I moved to Kentucky where I attended The Kentucky State University. It was there that I faced some obstacles that occurred in life where I decided to enlist in the United States Army. Upon completion of basic training in 2016, I went back to complete my degree and graduated with my (B.A in Psychology Minoring in Intelligence in 2019)


While attending Kentucky State University, I began to realize how difficult it was to do things in a restricted manner because of the color of my skin and being a young woman. I had a vision to bring change and revolutionize the way I continue my walk to create and live a better life. 


I have 9+ years of professional experience and the know how to utilize my strong intellect, my wisdom and shift for superior outcomes when executing initiatives and projects. My track record has been proven by way of the projects that I've led with the major corporations I've worked for within the Department of Defense. 


In short, when it comes to marketing, diversity inclusion, program intelligence, and project management -- I like to be completely outside of the box, further allowing myself room to share my wealth of intellectual knowledge and expertise. 


Black American Market is my other baby, along with my 7-year-old daughter. Being the vessel behind the brand and making connections with other entrepreneurs, creators and HBCU graduates, giving them a revolutionary platform with broad range exposure, that I created from the ground up is Why I Do This!! When one wins We all Win together. Welcome to B.A.M


Caleb has spent over a decade in the Media and Marketing field, working primarily to tell the unique story of Black Businesses. As Marketing Director, he oversees BAM’s Media presence, as well as working to expand and refine BAM’s brand.



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